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False alarms take police, fire-fighters as well as Security companies away from real emergencies. This year till date, Gordon's Bay Security responded to
over 1500 false alarms. While legitimate alarms have, on occasion, helped with the apprehension of criminals.

Gordon's Bay Security opened its doors under the leadership of Okkie van der Merwe on the 1st August 2001, with a total of 13 (thirteen) employees and 2 (two) alarm monitoring clients. We have since become a force to be reckoned with.

We can now offer you several services with the competency to deliver these services with a high level of qualification and expertise.

Our team of Armed Response Officers are a formidable force.

Once our fully equipped control room receives a alarm from your premises, they will dispatch a Response Officer to thoroughly inspect and secure your premises. All of our Officers have been highly trained and equipped with the knowledge of how to, and what to do in case of an emergency or break-in.

Our technical teams are of the best-qualified and friendliest technicians in the Security Industry. All of our staff members are registered with PSIRA, the governing body of the security industry. They install new alarm systems and they are capable of sorting out any enquiries and problems on most alarm systems.


About Us

Name: Okkie van der Merwe
Work: Trustee & Owner
Location: Gordon's Bay
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  2 Link Road
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