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False alarms take police, fire-fighters as well as Security companies  away from real emergencies. In 2011, Gordon's Bay Security responded to
over 1500 false alarms. While legitimate alarms have, on occasion, helped with the apprehension of criminals.

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  2 Link Road
  Mansfield Industrial
  Gordon's Bay, 7140

  (021) 856-0214,
  (021) 856-3813
  (021) 856-5329

(021) 856-0213


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Our team of Armed Response Officers are a formidable force. We all know that traffic in Gordon's Bay during the festive season can get quite busy, but we are very mobile on our motor cycles, so that we can still safely guarantee a very quick and reasonable response time.

Once our fully equipped control room receives a alarm from your premises, they will dispatch a Response Officer to thoroughly inspect and secure your premises. All of our Officers have been highly trained and equipped with the knowledge of how to, and what to do in case of an emergency or break-in.

What can you expect from us?

1. Response times “WILL NOT” be longer than 8 minutes. If we cannot get to the alarm within 8 minutes, we will inform the control room as to why not and see if someone else can do the alarm.
2. All alarms must be attended if no reply or wrong password was given.
3. If alarm is faulty it will be noted in our faults book, and will be rectified as soon as possible.
4. When reporting back, all open windows and doors will be reported if there is burglar bars or not.
5. If anybody is found on premises confirmation from the control room will be obtained whether or not he/she is allowed on the premises.
6. No armed response is allowed to enter open premises without the client or key holder present.
7. In case of open doors with keys inside, the door will be locked and the keys taken to the office where an ob entry will be made.
8. In case of a positive brake in, the SAPS will be contacted. If they require assistance we will help or give the information we have over to them and withdraw from the premises to be available for any other alarms.
9. We will always phone you first for a burglary alarm. If we did not phone phoned first, please contact the office and make reference to it so that it can be sorted out..
10. We will never get involved in an argument with our client for what ever reason, we will rather turn around and walk away.
11. Our Armed Response Officers are not technicians. Please do not ask them to give any technical advice or support.
12. All our new Armed Response Officer will be given Three (3) weeks to get to know their area and where all the problem alarms are. After three weeks it will be required of them not to ask where places are anymore.
13. All alarms received will be noted on our trip sheets. Address's as well as what type of alarm, time and date will be noted. No trip sheet log means that there was no visit to the premises.
14. All alarms will be regarded as positive until feedback has been given from the dispatched AR Officer that he has checked the premises and has found it to be negative.
15. AR Officers will only standoff once they are on the premises. If they are found to be standing off before they are on the premises, immediate dismissal could stare them in the face.
16. When dispatched to a bar, pub, hotel, club or street fight, we may not get involved with the fight unless the client of the premises or his staff, family or friends are directly involved and in danger.

  Sept , 2011
Entrepreneur of the Month September - GBBA!
I am very privileged to announce that our chosen Entrepreneur of the Month for August is Jenny Burnham, the owner of Eye of Africa Tours in Gordon's Bay!. 

October , 2011
Letter from The Strand Golf Club Captain!
Our course is in excellent condition and we invite all members to utilize the course and club facilities, which is perfectly geared to afford you maximum enjoyment and where our friendly staff is waiting to assist you in having a great day ! 

October, 2007
Government Corruption could cost you Billions!
Cape Town - The head of both the special investigating unit and the asset forfeiture unit said on Wednesday the country could lose as much as 20% of its total procurement budget to graft annually, in response to a question about the extent of government corruption in South Africa.  


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