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Fiber to Premises packages are base on a 1:1 contention ratio unshaped and uncapped.

We can make use of the following providers.

Instillation cost of R1850 for Fiber router on month to month or free when sign a 24 month contract.

1. Openserve

2. Dark Fiber Internet

3. Frogfoot

Please remember that we are using 3rd Party Fiber Network , when the Internet goes down it can be Technical Difficulties anywhere.




No Telephone feeds


Telkom equipment will not be needed In order for you to have wireless Internet.

This means no dsl or adsl telkom lines or any telkom modems or routers are needed. We

completely run and operate on our own.


No end of month unknown telephone accounts.


The only account you will receive is from Gordon's Bay Security.Depending on

what capacity data bundle you take, will be monthly invoiced for


No unsightly sore eye cabling.


However, there is one cable that needs to be installed, and that is a single cable

connected from your router to the nearest power point (240AC) in order to supply

the router with power. Depending on your internal network, cabling may vary or the

hole network can exists out of wireless interfaces.


What do I need to have Wireless


You will need 3 things:


  1. A Wireless Router to Connect you to the Internet

  2. An TP-Link  router if  you use Laptops

  3. An GB Wireless Account


Wireless networking between local PC and WAN.


It is in some circumstances much easier to connect all computers or laptops to a

internal wireless network. It is much more manageable and practical. You can

change from office to office without the hassle of rewiring. You can even linkup a

internal network from building to building.


High speed Internet.


It is much faster working with a local proxy server in our network

and/or connect to a private ftp server exclusive for our wireless Internet clients.We also

implemented a Fiber Optic Line , directly into Internet Backbone that provide faster Internet.

The lines we provide are very stable and in the future, we can provide up to 8096k.


Free Roaming


The comfort of having wireless Internet in your home enables you to have Internet anywhere

in you house or even outside in the garden, enjoying a cup of tea while doing your banking

or Skype to an old friend or family member.


IECNS Lisence


IECNS license is a license that all our ISP needs to provide you with a Wireless Connection

to your Home or Business. If a Company does not have a valid License they can be

summons by ICASA to stop all service immediately.


Our License numbers are 0146/IECS/JAN/09 and 0146/IECNS/JAN/09


Internet Data


What means 1 Gig to me?


  • Download 200 MP3's, or

  • 70 video clips, or

  • 3 hours of video conferencing, or

  • Send 15000 emails (without attachments), or

  • Browse over 3000 web pages. 


Technical Support


We strive to give the best service possible , thus we have implemented support times.


Mon - Fri 08:00 - 19:00

Sat - Sun 09:00 - 14:00

Public Holidays: 09:00 - 14:00


After that  we have a 24h Control Room you may log a call with.




Fiber Optic Backbone

Although we are on a Fiber Backbone with redundancy , we are BEST EFFORT SERVICE.

Emergency Only


After the Support times you may contact us , but may be liable for a min fee of R50.


You can log in on the following Server to check you cap.

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