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Indoor Shooting Range

Gordon's Bay Indoor Shooting Range has been open since 2005. We provide earmuffs, eye protection and targets. The range is a 15-meter range sporting 5 electronic target lanes. The range is also NRCS, SAPS and ITA approved.
We are open to the public who are welcome to fire the following firearms on the range.
Any calibre Handgun - Eg. .22, 6.35, 7.65, 9mm, .38Spl, 357, 40 and 45.
Any Calibre Shotgun - Eg. 12G, 16G, 20G. (No Slugs)
Only .22 Rifles.
Any air rifle.
To use the range you will have to contact 021 856 0214
and make a booking.
The range is available on Saturdays but only if there are 3 or more people and prior arrangements are made.
Cost to use the range is as follows:
Monday – Friday (On appoin
tment) R150pp for half hour.
After hours - Monday to Saturdays (On appointment) R200pp for half hour.
Saturday – (On appointment) R200pp for half hour.
After hours and Saturdays, a range officer must be arranged to come in and be with the shooters.

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