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BHF Practice NR: 0090020422959 

GBMED ambulance service provides emergency medical assistance, treatment and transport, non-urgent patient
transport and high quality patient care to the people of the Helderberg, Western Cape.

We will provide you with exceptional medical assistance and transport when you need it.
We pride ourselves on our ability to save lives, reduce suffering and enchance quality of life.

Gordon's Bay Security is among a very few companies to have aquired it's own ambulance. Our customers now have the full service of a fully equiped ambulance at the push of their panic button. GBMED RESCUE is manned by eight highly trained registered paramedic specialists and two ambulances who are ready to treat any high or low risk situations. Normally people who phone us when they are in need of medical assistance or need the service of an ambulance. We were not able to dispatch an ambulance or medic in the past due to the fact that they are privately owned or run by the state, but now our clients need only press their panic button or call in and they will recieve the attention required.

Our ambulance is on call 24 hours a day in the Helderberg area.

This includes the areas of Gordon's Bay, Strand and Somerset west.

It is also not restricted to our clients' home only, but within the whole Helderberg area, and should anything happen to them whilst on the road, they are also free to contact the control room at 021 856 0214 and request ambulance assistance.

Please note that our services are free of charge to our clients when they are at their premises and there is a medical emergency. When out on the road and to the rest of the public, we are also available (this will be charged to your medical aid or you will be liable for the payment), and we are registered by all medical aid services.

However should the public be in need of an ambulance urgently, they are free to contact us for assistance but must be aware that they will recieve a bill
for the service (Laid out by the BHF - Board of Healthcare Funders) or it will be claimed through their medical aid.




The community of Helderberg is secure in the quality of service provided by GBMED ambulance service.



To save lives, reduce suffering and enchance quality of life through the provision of accessible and responsive quality patient care and transport.


We value our reputation and professional profile and these values influence  the way our bussiness is conducted and how our organisation is managed.

We do this with accountability, integrety and innovation. We value the passion,  effectiveness and potential of our people, and their need to feel valued and respected.



We will achieve our goals through the expertise of our people, with effective leadership, the provision of exceptional service and our commitment to and partnership with the community.
We are commited to ensuring the best possible health outcomes for our patients and staff.
We will work in partnership with our health and emergency service collueges and other goverment agencies to ensure the best outcomes for all, especially those  people living in the Helderberg.

Our Ambulance Department delivers the following services:

24/7 Emergency Control Centre
Emergency Medical Response
Inter-Hospital transfers nation wide
Special Events
First Aid Training
Medical Equipment
Registered with the Road Accident Fund

All Emergency Calls, for example:

Heart attacks
Emergencies at home
Emergencies at work
Old age homes and retirement villages
Industrial areas
On the road
Countrywide Interhospital Transfers
All Injury on Duty cases

We also provide ambulances at construction sites and companies requiring ambulance standby.
GBMED can transport any patient on any medical aid



I would like to thank you and your personel for your quick responce over the weekend at my house. I had a medical situation with my six year old boy and am convinced that had it not been for your quick and good response the outcome would be completely different. Your personel, response and medical team definately deserve a greatfull thank you from our family.

George Lotze


076 185 5351



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