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           To Strike with Strength

GBSEC has alarm reaction vehicles in Somerset West, Strand and Gordon’s Bay which are area bound and never leave their area of operation almost like sector policing.

With the ever growing Neighbourhood Watches in all areas,4 of the 5 security service providers signed an agreement to assist and respond to any Neighbourhood Watch call for assistance on condition off course that the security provider gives privilege to alarms coming in from one of his clients. This sometimes results in reaction units assisting SAPS and each other ,even competitive companies in looking for suspects whom fled the scene and then have to break away because he has to attend an alarm.

GBSEC saw the need for a unit that could function like a crime prevention unit, taking over from the normal reaction units so that they could attend to their normal duties or patrols.

The name Special Operations Unit was chosen because of restrictions place on a security company by the regulatory authority in using the words “crime prevention” or “Sector policing”.

We did not want to use terminology like, “Strike team, Reaction Force, High Risk etc....because we are not".
This unit can stay behind on a scene, continue looking for suspects or their working hours could be changed on short notice to accommodate SAPS and Neighbourhood watch operations without effecting the normal flow of alarm patrols or responses.


Special Ops also only consist of ex SAPS members whom we provided with medical training from a min of level 3 and some to Basic life Support. All Special Ops members also underwent advanced Tactical training in various scenarios and with different types of firearms. The Special ops members are also trained and equipped if the need arises with MP5 rifles.
Since its start early 2014, the Special Ops unit has provided the company with the necessary stats to expand the unit in 2015 and 2016.


Our times we live in are changing and so also the criminal modes operandi, for a security company to stay effective for their clients, they should change with the times to stay on top of things and not fall behind.

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